WordPress Support Report : April 2016

Peerless WordPress Support.

554 WordPress Support Tickets, 9.6 hrs Response, 100% Client Satisfaction.

Despite being another month of over 500 support tickets, on balance it was a stress-free and steady month.

Almost half of the tickets were picked up inside an hour and a whopping 88% were dealt with in under 24 hours. We are independently benchmarked by Zendesk to compare our performance to that of similar-sized organisations (Web applications and support, 10 to 99 staff) and our performance is really something to be proud of.

WordPress Support Performance Chart for April 2016

So far this year, we’ve dealt with nearly 2,500 support tickets and expect to surpass 6,000 tickets in total this year. To put this into context, in the three years from January 2013 to December 2015 we cleared 7,000 support tickets.

Go support!