WordPress Support Report : August 2017

Peerless WordPress Support.

100% client satisfaction, sub 10hr response, and 255 WordPress tickets solved.

August sees a quieter month compared to July, with overall support activity down around 18%.

August was another 100% client satisfaction month, we’re now on a 9 month roll of absolutely nailing client satisfaction – we’ve never be able to go a whole year with a clean sheet, is it too early to hope? Still, it’s what we strive for, quality of service is our number one aim.

August also saw the start of our new financial year, and now the month is closed we can see that, year-on-year, support revenue is up 22% and the biggest contributor to net profitability. The WordPress Agency market is going through explosive growth at the moment and we’re fighting to keep grow to a manageable level: The last thing we want is to get into a spiral of growth with the associated decline in service level.

The end of September also sees the start of our 6th year with Zendesk as our helpdesk provider, it seems like yesterday we used to have to manage Support via email, phone, Basecamp, and Post-it notes.