WordPress Support Report : February 2017

Peerless WordPress Support.

207 WordPress Tickets Solved, 12hr Response, and 100% client satisfaction.

February continues pretty much as January left off. A great response time and perfect client satisfaction.

February WordPress Support Numbers

We’re continually refining our support process and one of the key areas is better management of duplicated tickets. We’ve changed how we close tickets off, allowing clients to keep open tickets for longer and this is resulting in fewer physical tickets and it keeps the ticket thread more complete.

We’ve also managed to complete the move of all key client websites over to using SSL. This, probably, puts us in the position of being the first WordPress agency to completely move over to using SSL – and ends a mission to drive the web to a more secure footing that we started in 2014. We’re proud to lead the agency world, in a move towards improved security that every website on the Internet should really take. If you’ve not moved to SSL by now, then we strongly recommend that you make it your top priority.

February also saw us complete the migration of all sites over to the latest core release. We couldn’t be more secure, or more up-to-date if we tried!