WordPress Support Report : July 2017

Peerless WordPress Support.

100% client satisfaction, sub 4hr response, and 317 WordPress tickets solved.

July bucks the “quiet summer” trend as ticket volume surges 35%, 2 new clients and 7 websites might have something to do with it!

Our 100% client satisfaction continues unabated, it now seems forever ago that we got a black mark. Still, we must be ever vigilant for complacency. That, and the recent increase in support activity means we’re looking for an additional teamie to help out in support and development. If you know of someone then please point them in our direction.

August 1st is also the first day of our new financial year. The interim financials for 2015/16 look pretty strong, net revenue minus depreciation is up approximately 25% on 2014/15, turnover was up a more modest 11%. WordPress support contracts are by far the biggest contributor to net revenue, and we’re carving out our place in the market as a high-end niche provider of best-in-class WordPress support.