WANTED: Freelance WordPress Engineer : £60ph

We’re growing, slightly

Looking forward to 2018? We’ve got some modest growth planned – and that means we’re on the hiring trail.

We initially need one very experienced WordPress Engineer to join our friendly support & development team. We’re a “Remote-First” organisation, much in the style of Automattic or Basecamp (aka 37 Signals) and our WordPress team is spread across the UK, Europe, North America and further afield.

We operate entirely in the cloud, using Zendesk, Slack, Basecamp, Toggl and Skype to glue both team and clients together. We strive to pay the very best rates in the market, as we demand the best WordPressers for a very select client base.

We purposely limit our client base (less than 25) and very tightly manage growth to ensure we continue to provide the highest-rated WordPress support and development service in the UK. We’re independently rated as one of the top 5% support organisations in the world.

We operate a “no-expense spared, no-quibble” policy with freelancers, settling invoices in a week and providing whatever tools and services needed. We understand our strength comes from our people and we treat them exceptionally well – and expect the same respect in return.

We’re looking for:

  • 5 years plus coding experience. Front and back-end using current best practices and standards.
  • 5 years plus using WordPress in a commercial environment.
  • Good UX/UI skills, maybe even flair for design
  • Familiar with Linux-based environments, staging servers and Amazon AWS
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work in a collaborative support environment, remotely
  • Keen to learn, enthusiasm to get stuck in. Client-centric.
  • English as your first language and good written client communications
  • Familiar with agile development methodologies
  • A strong remote work ethic
  • Able to commit to circa 20hrs per month minimum
  • Be just a little different

Not everyone suits every environment, so a cultural and values fit is important. As a result you can expect an odd couple of initial interviews and a trial contract to get you kicked off.

We currently pay £60 per hour, dependent on experience, fit and skills.

You’ll work across both development and support, typically covering:

  • Small support / tasks. Easily knocked off in under an hour, self-started and on-demand responding directly to clients via our Zendesk support platform. The is the most frequent workload, driven typically by the marketing needs of clients, and via our Peerless WordPress Support Service.
  • Micro-projects. Typically lasting just a few days and delivered in a single (1 week) sprint. This may include discovery phases, testing, server ports and theme work. Lots of stuff we do falls into this category.
  • Medium-sized build projects. Working as part of a team our typical client might have a couple of web-sites/services, 1,000 or so pages, some bespoke functionality and be marketing-led. A little less common, and planned well in advance.
  • Enterprise grade development that might cover multiple sites with custom PHP coding, functions and digital services all wrapped in high-availability, scaleable, server hosting. We don’t have too many of these, but they can get intense at times.

You’ll need to manage your own time, be responsible for you work, fix your own blunders without complaining and general behave as you would expect from a world-class freelancer.

Outside of the U.K.?

For lots of reasons (linguistic, communication, cultural, opportunity, network, reach and timezone) much of our current team are UK nationals, mostly based in the UK. But not all, we have a small team based in North America, and also Brit nationals doing the nomad thing spread around the globe; from Mexico to Madrid, Ibiza to Indonesia.

If you’re not from the UK, then please be aware that core working times are 10am to 4pm GMT, great command of English (written and oral) is required, as is an understanding of Brit culture and the ability to communicate with (predominantly) UK clients and teamies.

But you can be based pretty much anywhere, as long as you’re happy to deal with the odd timezone squeeze and be happy to meet up with the team in London from time to time.

Contact Martin Dower if you’re interested. Direct applications only and NO AGENCIES, under any circumstances.