WordPress Support Report : March 2016

Peerless WordPress Support.

Five Hundred WordPress Support Tickets : 100% Client Satisfaction.

Despite the performance in March being *very* similar to February, it never gets boring reporting another perfect month.

Whilst we don’t claim to get everything right every time (we are human), its the way in which we fix our mistakes and openly communicate the outcome quickly and efficiently. We freely admit when we get it wrong and we don’t hide behind excuses.

March 16 WordPress support performance

March was a little quieter than February due, in part, to no major emergencies and a long run of well-behaved servers – average uptime rocked in at a heady 99.98% availability and only one downtime episode of longer than 1 hour.

Our target is to respond in 12 hours, across a 24×7 response window and we beat that by 25%. And critically, 91% of all support requests were picked up in less than 24hrs, comfortably inside our 85% SLA target.

End of Q1

Support response time graphIt was a busy start to the year, two major DDoS attacks on one of our primary server providers kept us very busy in January. Together with the signing of three major new client we saw support spike dramatically from last year – we cleared 1,812 tickets across 3,512 support interactions.

We’re getting markedly better at fixing tickets first time with just 1.9 interactions required to complete each ticket. In the same period last year (Jan – Mar ’16), we cleared 740 WordPress tickets requiring 2.3 interactions per support request.

The support team is a good deal larger and busier this year to cope with the increased demand. We’re also getting a good deal slicker at managing resources and time. Through the use of technology, we reckon we are about 10% more efficient than this time last year – that means support issues are fixed quicker and cheaper.

Our support rates were revised at the start of the quarter – in part to ensure we continued to offer the best WordPress support service money can buy and also to address a fall in net support revenue that occurred during Q4 of 2105. Despite a 16% rise in support charges, we lost no clients and we only have 5 support contract slots available for the remainder of 2016.