WordPress Support Report : November 2014

Peerless WordPress Support.

It’s now six months since we launched our Peerless.Support service and what a ride!

WordPress support contracts have grown 40% year-on-year in terms of revenue and the full-team complement numbers 5 people covering over 1,500 WordPress requests since spring this year.

In total, we’ve logged 4,000 support requests since we started using Zendesk Satisfaction Index and logged an impressive 99% satisfaction rate.

With an unhappiness rate of 1%, versus our industry at 5% we are 5 times better than average (don’t you just love numbers) and have one of the lowest dissatisfaction in any industry anywhere in the world.

Support Numbers for November

  • Support Events : 537
  • New Support Tickets Opened : 204
  • Support Tickets Solved : 201
  • Average Response Time : 2hrs 54mins
  • Closed Tickets Solved 1st time : 99%

WordPress Support, as it should be

How fast!

Over half of all the support tickets were picked up (1st response) to less than 1 hr.

We’ve also made great strides in becoming ever more responsive. When we created the UK’s first agency-based WordPress support service our average response time was about 25hrs – so pretty much the norm for the agency world.

We’ve recently had some significant WordPress Support contract wins that takes our support reach out to the middle east, US and central Europe.

Our average response time is now well under 8 hrs, well inside one working day.

All this lovely support requires continued investment in people, training and systems and we continue to re-invest 30% of support revenues back into improving and extending support.

Say Hello to Slack

In October, we fully adopted Slack (Motto: be less busy) to use as our internal support communication platform, and integrated it directly with both Zendesk and Pingdom (our primary support platforms).

We started beta testing Slack back in October 2013 and it’s been a game changer for us, finally replacing a number of other internal platforms and costs less than £100 per staffer per annum. It also brought to an end (for the moment) our search for a simple, clutter-free, internal communication platform.

Slack, gaining traction

Has it caught on? For November we’ve hammered through 4,500 messages in just the support team (5 people). Slack has also garnered a lot of traction in the world at large, and is supposedly now worth $1bn.