WordPress Support Report : November 2015

Peerless WordPress Support.

WordPress Support Stats

Are we lucky – or just plain good at what we do?

Two and a half years ago we started openly publishing our WordPress support statistics, and we were pretty proud of them at the time. Average response was around 1 day (in an industry that often takes days to respond to even basic emails) and we had a client satisfaction rate of nearly 90%.

This put us in the top quartile of support organisations, maybe even higher within the WordPress agency space. However, we’re staggered and proud to have improved this beyond our wildest aims and now have 15 consecutive months of a 100% client satisfaction rate – you really cant get much better than that.

All the time the volume of WordPress tickets is climbing, 238 in November and over 3,100 so far in 2015. Our team has grown, and grown again. To deal with the extra demand we’ve hired three more folks into support – two Canadians and one Brit. We’re just in the process of bedding them in now so expect to see more faces in and around support as we go into 2016.

Our first-response time has flattened out at just under 12 hours. This is realistically as fast as we need to get. We could do to improve the number of problems sorted on first contact – but so many of our support requests require clarification internally or externally that it’s not really a valid metric for us to use.