WordPress Support Report : September 2016

Peerless WordPress Support.

296 WordPress Tickets Solved, 20hr Response, 100% Client Satisfaction.

September saw a 40% jump in support tickets from August. And we felt the strain, with a slower first response time.

We reached 85% of all support tickets inside the magic 24hrs, and 70% were responded to in under 8hrs. Not a bad show really, especially as we continued our run of 100% client satisfaction.

We’re faster than most (in the top 5 or 10% worldwide most months) and whilst we’re proud of ranking so highly as a support organisation, what really counts is what our clients think. We’re so very lucky to have a stable, long-term client base that are as equally committed to us and we are to them. This allows us to build a strong business around a modest number of clients – and avoids us having to chase the moon in terms of growth and new business.

September Support Report

We recently gave notice of a rate-card change for 2017, but due to efficiency improvements in how we operate our support division, Peerless WordPress Support pricing remains unchanged.

Peerless WordPress Support contracts start from just £395 per month, and for that you are assured of our very best support and an attention to detail and service that is second to none.