How important is WordPress Support?

WordPress Support Agency News.

A £1 million service is worthless without good delivery.

Often quoted, but frequently ignored, the philosophy of ensuring the best ideas have the best deployment and delivery has been understood for thousands of years.

So why is it that many WordPress Agencies simply don’t take support seriously? Yes, we know it’s not the exciting end of the digital services space. But it is the most important.

Back in 2008 we moved full-time into building and supporting WordPress sites and the first thing we noticed was the lack of credible support organisations.

Coming from a traditional software/web house background, high quality support was a cornerstone of what we delivered so as we moved into the WordPress world we brought with us over a decade of support thinking.

It’s often suggested that the open source and “easy-to-use” framework style of WordPress needs less support but we strongly disagree – in fact, it needs more support than the average web site.

WordPress’s fluid and evolving nature combined with democratised content management sees the web-site experience much faster evolution and change – maybe ten times as much as an old-fashioned static site.

Change needs to be supported otherwise it can rapidly turn into the proverbial dogs-dinner.

Support Early, Support Often

Getting a support infrastructure and process into place before the web build starts is vital to get the most in the medium and longer term.

We offer standard support packages (from a measly £95 a month) but more and more we’re being asked to advise and guide at the pre-build stage with the aim of making the site easier to manage and simpler to fix.

We’d strongly recommend you plan your support needs at the same time as your web build. A fab site will fail spectacularly if it’s not supported corrected.