Sharing improves performance. And gives us something to shout about!

WordPress Support Agency News.

Being in second place means there is room for improvement.

The spotlight of independent monitoring and publishing your support number, unsurprisingly, makes us perform better.

You might it expect to cause the support-equivalent of stage fright, but being transparent has really raised the game.

Seems obvious really, and is a real eureka moment. Being transparent about the number of WordPress Support tickets we deal with, how quickly and with an independent client satisfaction score tell us, our clients and even potential clients a great deal about our business.

It’s one step up from reviews as the total support scores are not selective, as reviews can be. It gives a well rounded and complete view of how we deal and work with clients.

Perhaps it should be a standard question you ask your prospective WordPress agency? I know I would.


We’ve always believed that if you provide great service with great solutions then you cannot lose. Even the best product delivered badly is a total disaster, and far more common than you imagine.

With client-service baked-in so deeply to what we do, everyone in the organisation is steeped in providing the very best for our clients. If they don’t it very quickly goes wrong.

The numbers are empirical, you can’t hide from data and reveals a lot more about our organisation than some wishy-washy marketing statement (we have a fair few of those, too!).

  • 2,500 wordpress support tickets per year. That gives an idea of the scale of our business. We sit in the “we’re serious about WordPress” ground. But not too big we think.
  • Average response time under 20 hours. That shows we pick up WordPress support issues promptly and consistently.
  • 99.8% Client Satisfaction, independently monitored. This shows we care, if we didn’t we’d get more negative comments.
  • We are the only Top 10 WordPress Agency who openly share our support data. That puts a marker in the sand for all, and shows we’re confident of providing the best quality service.

It’s difficult to validate “biggest”, “first” or even the “best” when talking about WordPress Agencies are there are just so many now. Numbers, however, do the talking – and this is what our clients buy into, a solid WordPress agency with a long track record of looking after our clients.

So what happens when it goes wrong?

We are human, we do make mistakes. We also know that how we deal with those mistakes entirely defines us.

If we get it wrong, or drop a ball we shoot our hand into the air and do all we can to remedy the situation. Often as not the error is minor but every ticket is independently audited via Zendesk’s Benchmark Programme so if we ignored or dealt badly with even minor problems it would reflect in our numbers.

Benchmark Programme

Since 2010, it’s an index sourced from more than 25,000 companies across 140+ countries and monitored by Zendesk. It allows us compare compare against the industry based on the important client service KPIs; customer satisfaction, first reply time, and ticket volume.

Joining the programme is not for the faint of heart, every aspect of the support process needs to be up to scratch and the levels of professionalism, coaching, training and analysis to stay above the 90% mark defines how important we think this is.

Want to know how we achieve a 99%+ client rating?

First-class people, hard work, attention to detail and over 15 years of agency experience are the foundation blocks.

The detail of how we manage the detail, the people and the communication is best discussed over a coffee, so drop me an email [email protected]. Suffice top say, we have some pretty radical approaches and philosophy.

In the meantime, we can be reasonably satisfied we have the balance between service, process, initiative, volume and communication about right. However, we’re still looking to improve – it’s nice to be in the “front group” but there’s always work to be done.