Information is not knowledge, or power

The oft misused phrase that “information is power” generates some pretty big headaches for organisations. Just by gathering information on, for example, web-site activity suddenly turns ageing IT and obsolete marketing departments into “great houses of power”. Funny, eh?

One of the great dilemmas facing organisations embracing the web today is not information poverty, as it was in the late 90s but information overload as we trudge, neck-deep in data. It is quite surprising that organisations have not recognised this more and look to block this ever-increasing problem.

The simplest answer is to hire a Chief Information Officer (CIO) who has great background in statistics, data mining and a focus on the commercial aspects of the organisations. There is a skill in converting information into knowledge and, sadly, even the early generation of CIOs are not quite there yet. They need more power, more budget and more say in the strategy of the organisations.

So as most organisations are forced to live in the information age the really bright ones are embracing the knowledge age.