It’s been a busy year for WordCamps

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If you’ve never been to a WordCamp then you could be in for a treat

Core to the meteoric rise of WordPress, WordCamps are events for like-minded WordPressers to get together, learn, listen, chat, network, hire and share skills. And no selling is allowed.

We’ve been closely involved with WordCamps since the first UK one popped up in London in 2013 (in fact we actually sponsored it to help out in a small way). And since then we been all over the world and actively promoted attendance.

Since those early days WordCamps are now everywhere and extended to include BuddyCamps (for BuddyPress, a significant social network platform based on WordPress.) and here are some highlights of our year:

Past Events this Year

Still to Come

Although it might seem we hop around the world attending WordCamps using them as an excuse to visit wonderful destinations, WordCamps have a more serious message and aim. It’s all about spreading the word (pun) on WordPress and supporting the growth of WordPress. And for WordPress agencies like ourselves, it’s a chance to meet new and interesting folks.

Where possible, we give back to the community and that means putting our hands in our pockets to support the events and we’ll be supporting all the events listed above in 2015. We’re only a small organisation but feel it’s right to give something back. Maybe we’ll see you there?

Why outside the UK? We’re a global business with clients in Europe, US, Central America, Middle-East and Australia. Besides, it’s better to have a global perspective.

What you can expect

These events are intended for folks in the digital space who have an interest in WordPress. Sometimes they are technical but more often than not the events have a balance between hardcore-techy content and just good digital practice.

You’ll see a heady mix of large organisations, WordPress agencies, freelancers and WordPress coders all mingling together in a friendly atmosphere that is welcoming and low-key.

If you get a chance, then get yourself along to an event this year – this typically cost less than £50 for a 2-day event and you’re guaranteed to have a great time, meet some ace people and learn a lot more about WordPress.

Take yourself along to WordCamp Central, find a local event and buy yourself a ticket.