Two screens better than one

A recent study by Deloitte in the US suggested that nearly half of the adult population had surfed t’internet at the same time as watching TV. Ok, no real shock there except that as we see the growth in tablets, ultra-portable lightweight devices with 20hr battery life can we expect to see this becoming the norm. I think this is highly possible, I know my iPad has it’s greatest hammering in the home when watching the box; settling arguments about who the actor is or what’s on TV next (yup, it’s quicker and easier to use the iPad than scroll through the crappy Freeview programme guide). The NY Times reported that a record number of tweets was sent during the recent Superbowl and with more and more shows trying to engage us all in real-time we might see a resurgence in watching LIVE TV rather than relying on our PVRs and Tivo boxes. Besides, it’s makes those boring advert breaks more tolerable if I can flick a few Angry Birds across the screen. Social TV, now that’s a concept that is a little overdue.

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