We only do WordPress

Sounds funny that, why would we restrict ourselves to just one platform? Surely WordPress is not the answer for every web-site in the world!

We’ve been working with WordPress for over 4 years and, yes, we’ve found lots of scenarios and client problems where it doesn’t fit – in that case we politely decline and walk away, sometimes we can advise on an outline strategy, sometimes we can recommend an alternate supplier. But it boils down to one thing.

We do WordPress Development really well

We’ve used other platforms in the past and some are pretty good. We’ve also gone down the old “hand-built” route but it’s been a lot of years since its been necessary to hand-cut web-sites. We chose WordPress after an extensive period of trialling other platforms, having decided early on that it would be better to be an expert on one platform than try to manage understanding, supporting and developing multiple platforms.

We understand there are differing platforms and we even understand the merits of Drupal, Joomla, Expression Engine, Umbraco, IBM’s ECM and even Microsoft Sharepoint. But we don’t pretend that we can build in these platforms. Our own irreducible core in having a deep understanding of how to build, deliver and support one platform.

Would you buy an Aston Martin from a Ford dealer?

(despite the relative closeness of product lines).

Having chosen WordPress in 2008, we’ve watched it blossom into a stunning enterprise-grade web platform that now powers around one sixth of the world’s web sites including the BBC and GOV.uk – we either got lucky or chose well, maybe a little bit of both.

By Martin Dower