WordPress Support Report : March 2017

Peerless WordPress Support.

100% Client Satisfaction, 10.5hr Response, and 233 WordPress Tickets Solved.

March goes strictly by the numbers. And, thanks to our lovely clients, our seventh consecutive month of 100% client satisfaction. We really do love you all!

March WordPress support performance

Security has been the big thing the so far this year. In fact, privacy, security, cyber crime and hacking are the biggest threats to the integrity of the web in the short and medium term.

March saw us complete our move to a 100% secure provision of all sites and services, with the last group of insecure sites and digital services migrated to SSL/TLS or pensioned-off. The journey to a fully-secure web that started for us over 3 years ago is now complete. Every client, service, application, transaction, communication and integration is now 100% secure.

We think this is probably a world-first for any digital agency, and almost definitely a first for a WordPress agency. It can be an expensive, and time-consuming process to get right, but every website and digital service should be secure – our clients, and their service users have a right to privacy and security.

Why do we report on performance?

Nearly five years ago we started actively recording in-depth support data, the results were kinda interesting so we made the decision to move over to the full-time use of a pro-grade helpdesk. And eventually, from the end of 2012, we added independent auditing of client satisfaction, via an automated survey application.

Publishing support reports (here is our very first one from January 2013), was a world-first within the WordPress agency space. And it motivated us to make the very best effort to help and look after our select client base.

We thought we’d be starting a trend, we hoped it would become the norm to openly publish how effective an agency managed WordPress support. In many ways, it’s an ideal measure, as its both an objective measure (actual support data), and subjective viewpoint (every ticket is independently reviewed and audited).

Yet, despite the huge growth in new WordPress agencies and support organisations, we’re yet to see a standard appear in publishing support results. Even more so today, we firmly believe in the value of publishing real data and real client opinions on every one of the thousands of WordPress support tickets we diligently work through every year.

Since those early days, we’ve learned that it’s never the volume of work, or the quantity of customers that count – what matters is the attention, thought, experience and skill applied to every single client interaction.

We’re proud of what we do, keen to provide the very best support, and thankful of the feedback and praise our lovely clients give us.