WordPress Support: The first 6 months of 2016

Peerless WordPress Support.

For the last five years we’ve openly published our support performance and client satisfaction. It’s how *we* measure how good our WordPress support service is.

We support a mixture of mid-sized clients and they all get broadly the same level of service – and they’re all supported through our Zendesk-based helpdesk.

We are still (probably) the only UK-based WordPress agency that openly publishes the data on how much and how well rated our WordPress support is. I suspect if you saw the numbers from many of the other top agencies they might not stack up anywhere near as well. Good performance encourages greater performance, especially if it’s in the public domain.

Compared to the same period in 2015, tickets are up over 120% – so we’ve seen huge growth in demand for WordPress support activity in the last 12 months. This mirrors the growth we’ve seen across the rest of the agency business.

Total WordPress Tickets: 3,190
Total Support Interactions: 6,367
Average first response: 14h40m
Tickets responded in less than one hour: 47%
Average Number of Interactions per Ticket: 1.99

Based on the above numbers, we’re in the top 15% of support organisations across the globe (according to Zendesk)

To deal with the growth in support clients and tickets, we’ve increased the support resource by almost 50% and increased our support hours from 10am-4pm to 10am-10pm. We’ve also tightened up client communications and reduced the number of support interactions per ticket by 10%. Finally, net income from support activities has risen 14.8% in the same period.

100% client satisfaction

We’re extremely proud that in every month of this year we’ve scored a 100% client satisfaction rate. In fact, our 100% client satisfaction streak is now at over 8 months! That’s not to say we haven’t got some things wrong, hell we’re human – we just work super-hard to fix what we get wrong and communicate openly and honestly with the client at all times.

Small is beautiful. Stability is king.

Our support team is small, consisting of 5 dedicated WordPress Support Engineers, support workflow is self-managed using our first-come-first-served process that ensures every new ticket has a fair and equal shot at being fixed inside the magic first hour.

Our clients come to rely on dependable, reliable support so we avoid chasing crazy growth – we add a handful new carefully-vetted support clients every year.

Remote-first, we rely on a mixture of technology and empowerment to provide peerless support. And we have an “Everything, Everywhere” approach to all aspects of how we run our company. That means that anyone can carry out any function of the business regardless of where they are or time of day. It allows us to run a physically disparate support unit with folks in the UK, Europe, and North America.

If you want to know more about our support infrastructure then please do contact us.