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User Experience. The modern web experience could be drowning (again) under the weight of pointless artifacts. Parallax scrolling, spinning icons [more]

Search Engines. It’s widely reckoned that nearly a third of the web is duplicated content. Google really doesn’t like it. [more]

Here is a selection of the upcoming WordPress and Marketing events, seminars, conferences and networking sessions from around the UK: [more]

From it’s humble beginnings as a simple blogging platform in 2003, WordPress has revolutionised the way websites are designed & [more]

WordPress News. If you’ve never been to a WordCamp then you could be in for a treat Core to the [more]

5 simple regular posts to keep your WordPress blog active Are you struggling to keep your WordPress blog up to [more]

Connected – WordPress Agency Reviews Connected is a dedicated WordPress Agency, established in 1996 by Martin Dower. We provide high-grade [more]

Peerless WordPress Support Update. We’re deadly serious about supporting WordPress, and we choose to openly report on our performance as [more]

A cleaner internet. One of the WordPress downsides is the sheer volume of spam it attracts. But spam seems to [more]

The art of UX. It’s not often that we Brits can be truly proud of our government – but the [more]

Getting on with search engines. Ten months after it was announced by Google, it looks like the secure web is [more]

Thinking Ahead Staring into the crystal ball and working out what’s coming down the track is fraught with risks, but [more]

…but were afraid to ask. As the entire world seems to be ‘Going WordPress’ a lot of marketers are just [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. 237 tickets. 12.9hrs response time. 442 support interactions and 100% client satisfaction. It might sound a little [more]

Being Connected – from a Digital Agency point of view. by Martin Dower. Sharing and Openness is changing everything. Digital [more]

e-Commerce The running battle between the two kings of e-commerce has probably just had a defining moment. Possibly. Automattic, the [more]

WordPress the Platform The latest version of WordPress is now out – Called Powell in honour of Bud Powell the [more]

Being a WordPress Agency. We’re a WordPress-only agency and on the hunt for an excellent Freelance Copywriter. We pay a [more]

The Internet Community. Positive contribution on the Internet enhances the experience for everyone, increases it’s value and encourages others. The [more]

Analytics and flow – Always be testing. Obviously, crafting a great UX for your site will help enormously with conversions. [more]