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Supporting our clients’ needs is a cornerstone of our business Whilst we might regard email as evil and use lots [more]

WordPress Support. It’s great that WordPress is wrestling control of the web from traditional programmers and IT departments. But take [more]

Ever since man invented the wheel, there’s always been some creative-type trying to decorate it. Sometimes that has worked, more [more]

WordPress Support Since the launch of Peerless WordPress Support in 2014, we’ve had requests to provide a much deeper level [more]

First Published in April 2014. At the start of the digital silly season (officially April onwards), we’re proud to announce [more]

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Being a WordPress Agency. A more natural working life is the first thing to happen when you strip out management [more]

Security, WordPress and SSL. Online security, hacking and theft of data has become the No.1 concern for Internet users. So [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. 2014: Two thousand, two hundred and seventy three WordPress support tickets. When we created the first dedicated [more]

Being a WordPress Agency. Not being content with being “average” is deeply engrained in us. We’re not satisfied being “just [more]

Happy Holidays & Festive Greetings We’re now officially closed for the season, returning on the 5th of January. Our 24hr [more]

Being us by Martin Dower, CEO. Lots of new faces. A new WordPress Support service. Retina devices. And the rise [more]

WordPress Support Services. Our support team will freeze non-essential work on midday, Friday 19th December. This keeps us in step [more]

Thinking about content. Content is king, they say. Too much crap on the Internet, I say. It seems that everyone [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. It’s now six months since we launched our Peerless.Support service and what a ride! WordPress support contracts [more]

We’ve seen a flurry of site outages and slow response rates from sites hosted with Amazon AWS in Ireland. US-based [more]

Being a WordPress Agency. The enablement of “access-anywhere” is driving a huge shift in how we work. Folks now have [more]

WordPress Agency Marketplace “There are generalists and there are specialists – in general, you’re better off using specialists” Unashamedly lifted [more]

Being a WordPress Agency. Last week the owners of WordPress, Automattic, acquired UK’s “Code For The People” to bolster it’s [more]