myBookingWizard Now Uses Google Calendar

MyBookingWizard has just been through a bloody large pivot… allow me to explain: MyBookingWizard is NOT a diary management system, we never set out to build a diary management system, and we have been constantly vigilant in avoiding diary managing activities. What we wanted to build was a marketing tool. Visitors to a website will […]

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Look at my graph, my graph is amazing

Competition, competition, competition. I think I have been naughty. I have completed the creation of the Big.TOE spec ready for formal sign-off… and I did it before looking in detail at the competition. Hmm, naughty indeed. “But, but, but, I was really busy and everything was…” SHUT UP! Leave the excuses and move on. As […]

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I’ve Started So I’ll Finish… I Promise

So week 1 of my first project and the pressure is on. Proper on. As in ‘ring spasm-ingly on’. But thats cool, I can handle that. Gulp. How the hell can you ‘Project Manage’ a vague idea into a product? How do you start?… Well here is the thought process we (I got some help […]

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Getting my hands dirty

I have been at Connected for over 16 months. Throughout this time I have heard the term Big.TOE mentioned several times and never understood it. When I first got here I didn’t understand anything, and when I would request explanations on this interestingly named… thing, I would be told it means “Business Intelligence Group Theory […]

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Stop paying for anti-virus software.

Amongst the many operating systems I use for work and pleasure, I still have 3 windows boxes that need constant anti-virus nursing. On these boxes, I have run most of the common anti-virus applications over the years, commercial and free ware. I have endured problems with them all. Repeatedly failing subscription renewals that require resolution […]

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Over the weekend I stumbled across a relatively new social media site  Launched in November 2009 and now has over 12 million accounts. The idea of it is you find and add friends and ask them questions about anything which they answer and vice versa, it’s just another way of communicating with people you […]

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“About us”: the good, the bad and the missing

About us pages come in 3 flavours: 1. Corporate babble – meaningless waffle about “management teams”, “strategic partnerships”, “proactive solutions”. Sometimes “stakeholders” creep in as well. If you hide the company name then these pages would fit any organisation from NASA down to Rotherham Pet Supplies Ltd. If you are a me-too company with a […]

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What is a HIPPO?

HiPPO stands for  Highest-Paid Person’s Opinion. If you’re from the HIPPO school of design, then questions about layout colours images copy can all be answered by the gut feeling and instinct of the HiPPO. The clue is in the title: you are making business decisions based on opinion. With a brand new, start-from-scratch  site then […]

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From The Smoke to The Snow and back again

Sitting here with my coffee, sandwich, unfinished crossword and contemplating another of my now regular monthly trips from London to Halifax, I think it’s been a particularly productive few days. Aaron’s presentation revealed impressive progress on the new release of Vites; not least because of a 400% speed increase, an automated transition to the use […]

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