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We have taken the next step in offering flexibility in how our clients can launch their MBW. Previously our clients [more]

MyBookingWizard has just been through a bloody large pivot… allow me to explain: MyBookingWizard is NOT a diary management system, [more]

Competition, competition, competition. I think I have been naughty. I have completed the creation of the Big.TOE spec ready for [more]

So week 1 of my first project and the pressure is on. Proper on. As in ‘ring spasm-ingly on’. But [more]

I have been at Connected for over 16 months. Throughout this time I have heard the term Big.TOE mentioned several [more]

Image via CrunchBase Problems setting up an iTunes account for Apple TV Home sharing Your credit card was declined. Please [more]

I’ve just finished reading Rework as it had been mooted as suggested reading. It sounds trite, but we could have [more]

Amongst the many operating systems I use for work and pleasure, I still have 3 windows boxes that need constant [more]

Over the weekend I stumbled across a relatively new social media site  Launched in November 2009 and now has [more]

A fresh apple – or a chocolate bar? ‘The Nudge‘  describes how  the layout of food in a school cafeteria [more]

Since mid 2007, Google has been collecting images of almost every house, in almost every street throughout Europe, USA and [more]

Whenever I am working on a project or planning a meeting I set myself objectives. Setting objectives is important to [more]

Over the last month we have been set challenge in the Connected office involving the new Apple Ipad. Basically the [more]

About us pages come in 3 flavours: 1. Corporate babble – meaningless waffle about “management teams”, “strategic partnerships”, “proactive solutions”. [more]

If you’ve not yet used Freecycle, here’s a quick rundown what it is and how easy it is to use [more]

A/B split testing is the scientific way to see if a change is helping or hurting your site. Or if [more]

HiPPO stands for  Highest-Paid Person’s Opinion. If you’re from the HIPPO school of design, then questions about layout colours images [more]

For the last 8 or 9 years I have been holding DJ events in and around the Halifax area mainly [more]

Sitting here with my coffee, sandwich, unfinished crossword and contemplating another of my now regular monthly trips from London to [more]

Saturday January 30th… …is DOUGS BIRTHDAY! I think many beers are in order, for the 24th anniversary of Dougs birth [more]