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We’ve recently completed a project in the Healthcare sector yielding a 38% improvement in on-site conversion rate whilst battling a [more]

For the commercial world outside of consumer e-commerce, focused landing pages are the fastest and easiest ways to improve all conversion points on the site. They are the heavy lifters of this world. Often the Landing pages, being small and light, means they are easy to work with, easy to optimise and easy to improve and as a result a typical company might change these once every month or so. But how can you tell if you are actually improving the landing page? What happens when you've done all the "normal" stuff? What happens when the conversion rate starts to fall again? [more]
Now on it's 3rd major release (v2.4), VITES™ started in 2001 as a simple end-to-end visitor tracking system, built when a client was trying to understand where their online marketing spend was going. The original system was just called End-to-End Tracker and worked by stamping the visitors PC with a unique code and their source when they arrived at the site for the first time, and then spewing this information out whenever the visitor sent information to the client. The results were stunning (for 2001) and showed that 80% of the advertising spend was pretty poor indeed. Not surprisingly our client was over the moon with this new-found transparency and their business exploded when they invested in the right online advertising and had faith in the value of it. It was a real way to measure the actual return on advertising investment.... [more]
The art of improvement is simple; make a change and then test it. If it's better then use the latest version as the best and then cycle round again [more]

What do we do?

Since 1997 Connected have championed the clear commercial benefit of balancing the needs of function and form in the online world. The key driver is to improve the commercial success of a client's web strategy and help create lean and profitable web strategies that are reliable, sustainable and market-leading. This is an uncommon approach in a world of "me too" agencies and plagiarism-driven organisations. The end result shows dramatically improved online commercial success and real leadership in our clients markets. [more]
Connected are not a web-design company and therefore keen to avoid the the generic "web design" tag that is too frequently and loosely applied to companies in this field. Connected focus on the engine of sales and marketing and therefore engineer fits in better with our business. [more]
Connected specialise in the turnkey build, delivery and management of market-leading web-sites to organisations in the £5m -> £500m turnover range. These services include... [more]
We are all different. No two groups of people have the same aims, thinking, attention span, decision process, fears or barriers to interaction. On-the-ball organisations are starting to realise a new approach and methodology is required in order to better manage visitors and to out-think their competitors... [more]
Online journey management is the creation of a series of tailored steps that online visitors are able to go through incorporating a platform that is able to identify what stage the visitor is at and to deliver highly focused content that drives the visitor along his or her journey... [more]